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Firewood Our Hardwood is dry, offering a good quality of heating. Split to the length and circumference requested by the customer. Different types of wood are available to meet [...]


Custom cup


Custom cup Depending on the customer's needs, different log lengths can be offered to suit different sizes of woodstoves ,fireplaces or other type of heating unit. [...]

Custom cup2019-06-04T13:34:25-04:00

Day delivery


Day delivery Contact us at 450 563-3139 for all the information regarding the delivery terms to be established according to the quantity ordered and the place of delivery. [...]

Day delivery2019-06-04T13:36:09-04:00

Self picking


Self picking Call 450 563-3139 before presenting yourself This service is very popular with our customers, allowing you to minimize your purchase cost. Why not combine business with [...]

Self picking2019-06-04T13:32:49-04:00

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